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Dear Friends,

Since 1966, when the Orleans Corporation from Philadelphia bought their original and holdings in Pompano Beach, Palm Aire never had a master organization, as most developments our size would.  In recognition of this deficiency as well as the observing the financial stresses that many of the associations were having due to the “great recession” in 2007-2008, a group of board Presidents organized by Ralph Calatchi, the then President of Vizcaya got together to establish Palm Aire United, Inc.  The purpose of the effort was to insure that we could help maintain  the quality of the community by reducing cost for common services, sharing community wide expenses such as street signage, landscaping and to provide a community “voice “ that had been largely previously mute in our city.

As Palm Aire United enters our 14th year in 2021, we will continue to focus on the original purposes of our organization at described in our By Laws: 

  • To serve as an umbrella organization for those condominiums and homeowners association within the Palm Aire community who elect to become members of the corporation.
  • To negotiate on behalf of its members, contracts for the provision of goods and services common to the corporation’s members.
  • To perform any other act or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes or in advancement thereof, but not for the pecuniary profit or financial gain of its directors or officers.

The new year also challenges us with an impressive agenda of initiatives for our community.  Most important for our future success, is our objective of working closer with our members by establishing a “mentoring” relationship between each individual members of our executive board and the Council members and their alternates that are appointed by each member association’s board of directors.  The result should be improved communication for all.

At our November Executive Board Organizational Meeting, Angie Curtin, retired as President of Palm Aire United, Inc., and assumed the position of Vice President by unanimous vote, for the forthcoming year.  We appreciate her excellent service as President and look forward to her continued service as Vice President. Subsequently, I was given the honor of succeeding Angie as President and I look forward to continue working for the benefit of our terrific community.

Best regards,

Lee Corson

President, Palm Aire United, Inc.

®Palm Aire United, Inc. 2022

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